Our Mission:

To apply a holistic approach to our shared struggle against homelessness.


Building relationships to end homelessness

Outreach Housing & Community is a non-profit organization that seeks to build relationships to end homelessness.  Our goal is helping homeless individuals regain their dignity by returning to self-sufficiency and independence through a range of social services and community integration.

Outreach means making connections to earn the trust of those who need our services.  OHC seeks to help people who are living on the streets or in shelters with severe disabilities and who seem unable to get access to services without help.
Once a trusting relationship is established, OHC works to find housing for its clients. This may include helping people apply for housing vouchers through other agencies or assisting with weekly shelter fees. We also assist with move-in kits once a person is housed.
OHC's job doesn't end with housing. Building a sense of community is crucial. To create community and maximize the chance of long term success, we bring clients together with volunteers to talk, relax, worship, and even to work.